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CNPRINT is a utility to print Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) text (or convert to PostScript) under DOS, VMS and UNIX systems. It works just as a print command on your system. Currently GB, Hz, zW, BIG5, CNS, JIS, EUC, Shift-JIS, KSC, UTF8, UTF7 and UTF16 formats are supported.

CNPRINT also has many other features, among them:

  • print all CJK codes using a single Unicode CJK font
  • print GB using Big5 fonts or print Big5 using GB fonts
  • multiple columns, vertical printing, change font or character size within document
  • phrase-based GB<->BIG5 conversions
  • built-in HZ<->GB conversion
  • repair/re-format functions for CJK text
  • envelope and address label printing
  • decode MIME quoted printable (=20=3C=5E like text)
  • true type fonts (TTF) support
With its full Unicode support, it should be able to print other language (e.g. Thai, Vietnames, Arabic as well). For more information, please read the help file.
  • Since Version 3.00/3.01, CNPRINT added TTF (True Type Font) support.
  • Version 3.10/3.11 features a total new way of handling multiple columns, and hopefully did not create more bugs than it eliminates.
  • Current version is V3.20/3.21, released on June 14, 2000. It features improved unicode and TTF support.
  • V3.30/3.31 is in beta stage and is available for download.
Links: [Download CNPRINT] [V2.90/2.91 or earlier]


PSPRINT, a utility to print some "non-printable" PostScript files on VAX or other systems. Although this program is mainly aimed to serve our internal use, it has some features that are of interest to the general public, such as extracting odd or even pages and/or pages in a particular range from a PS file. Some of the functions are now integrated into CNPRINT.

To download the VAX/VMS version, please [click here]. For DOS or UNIX, please send me a message here.


Hanzi Bitmap Format (HBF) specification describes the structure of Hanzi bitmap fonts (Chinese/Japanese/Korean). It can also be extended to other languages with fixed-width bitmaps. With (hbfapi2.c) HBF API, you do not need to have a specific font in mind when your write a software. It easily allows your software to handle fonts of different sizes, different languages, or even fonts created years after your software is written.

For more detailed information about HBF, please read the Introduction to HBF [PS format], or a description in Chinese.


CNLIST is an alumni list maintaining program which sort, archieve data and automatically generates list web pages. For more information, please click here.


This is program for simulating the responses of single neurons with arbitrarily structured and active dendritic/axonal trees. "NRN" is simplified from "neuron", to emphasize the simplicity of the program. It works on DOS/VMS/UNIX. One unique thing is that it is easy to use experimentally recorded spikes (action potentials) as inputs to a neuron. For more information, please refer to my paper: Cai et al. (1997) J. Neurosci. Methods 74, 27-35. (PS version) (Figs. 1, 2) (Figs. 3, B1)

A JAVA-based Hodgkin-Huxley Simulation

The parameters are slightly modified to better demonstrate the production of an action potential. In the display, the K+ conductance is doubled as compared to the Na+ conductance. Click here to start.

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